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Since 1970, People's Community Health Centers has provided quality comprehensive medical services in Baltimore, regardless of patients' income or insurance status. Today we have several locations around Baltimore City and Anne Arundel County, and we continue to grow. We provide full-service, primary medical care, as well as pediatrics, OB/GYN, dental care, infectious disease and HIV/AIDS care, substance abuse treatment and counseling, mental health care an pharmacy services to all who need it. Our 43-year history says it all... It was true in 1970, and it's still true today... Everyone is entitled to quality health care.

If you require assistance during this transition to a new provider, please contact us:

Phone: 410-467-6040

Email: [email protected]

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People's Community Health Centers
P.O. Box 33109
Baltimore, MD 21218

Fax: 410-235-8807

Important News!
We Are Suspending Service, Closing Our Doors on June 30, 2014.

Please click here to get details and important referral information.

People's Community Health Centers is an FTCA deemed facility.


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